Your companion guide to the SuperHero meditation program. A 22 page PDF.

For Kids at School and at Home


Nurturing resilience, emotional intelligence and compassion for our kids with one simple practice; this is a gift!
Elena Brower - Bestselling author of Being You, and Practice You 

More than ever, children need tools to soothe their souls; this offering to breathe and focus is so important! I have heard children in our Montessori school raving about The Superhero Meditations, utilizing them in the car coming to school in the mornings 🙂 Highly recommended!
Gaurapriya Tester - Head of Catskill Montessori School

A mindful toolkit for the little ones to embrace compassion and learn to act with love. Superhero meditations get me excited about the next generation to come!
Jesse Israel - Founder of The Big Quiet

A fun and easy to follow meditation program that encourages the exploration and growth of all our little SuperHeroes created by people I love.
Biet Simkin - Author, Spiritual Guide

Superhero Meditations connects children with their capacity to recenter and develop their own inner compass. In a time when rewards and motivation are increasingly externalized, the opportunity to turn within and attune to one's core values is essential. Emily's teaching guidance is wonderful.
Jamie Zeigler Laurens - Lycée Français de New York, Director for Student Well-Being